game reviews
Game Reviews
Don’t know what games to play on your PC? Check out our game reviews. We review any genre of games whether old, current, or new.
case reviews
Case Reviews
Curious about a new case? Then check out our case reviews. Find out what we think about certain types of cases and what we recommend is best for you.
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monitor reviews
Monitor Reviews
Monitors are one of the essential peripherals required for every desktops. But in order for gamers to have a great gaming experience, you require the best gaming monitor that you can afford to buy.
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mice reviews
Mice Reviews
Playing games with the best mice is key. You want to be well equipped so that you can dominate every game that you play. Check out our reviews of the best gaming mice.
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keyboard reviews
Keyboard Reviews
Keyboards might not seem like they make a big difference in gaming but the reality is that they really do. Having a great gaming keyboard feels different than a regular one and performs better.
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speaker reviews
Speaker Reviews
Looking for great speakers for your desktop? Well check out our reviews of the best desktop speakers for gaming and daily computing.
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headset reviews
Headset Reviews
Headsets are important for gaming and communicating with your fellow friends/teammates in games. But gamers require not just any headset, you’ll need a premium gaming headset that allows you to hear everything in game… like footsteps.
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