Overwatch Game Review, Is It Worth The Money?

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Alright, I know that Overwatch game has been out for like 2 months but I’ve decided to give it my two cents since I just recently picked up the game and got to play it a bit.

After playing Overwatch, I must say that it’s quite addicting and I believe it’s actually a great game to play. At first I was afraid that the game would be super easy with no skill requirement but I was sadly mistaken.

In my opinion, the game is actually really worth the money because it truly is one of those time killing games where after playing it you really don’t notice the time flying by. You’ll find yourself in the middle of early morning still playing this game. Well that was the case for me 😉 .

Is It Worth The Buy? Yes! It’s Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard is just awesome. They offer really great games and they just do a great job making them. You can probably tell that I’m a fan of Blizzard but if you’ve played most of the games that Blizzard has then you would know that the gaming experience is
great for all their games.blizzard entertainment

Plus, the price and cost of their games are really reasonable especially for their new game – Overwatch. And since it’s Blizzard, they update and maintain their games pretty well which mean less glitches and problems.

Pricing and Cost

Overwatch game could be bought in three different editions:

  • The normal regular edition which is just the digital download.
  • The Origins Edition with bunch of in-game items for different Blizzard games.
  • The Collectors Edition which includes everything in Origins Edition, plus a visual sourcebook, soundtrack, and a statue of the Overwatch character Soldier 76.

The regular version is just the game itself for $39.99(plus taxes), and the Origins Edition with the in-game goodies cost $59.99(plus taxes). These two are sold digitally at battle.net, but the Collectors Edition isn’t sold digitally since it comes with physical items.

I personally bought the regular $39.99 download version because I didn’t really need any of the extra things that Overwatch: Origins Edition offered, even though I play other Blizzard games.

And to be fair, the cost of Overwatch is nothing compared to the overpriced games that EA sells in Origin platform. Not saying EA is bad cause I play EA games. I’m just being honest because they do overprice their games.

Download Time and Future Updates

When I first started to download Overwatch, I encountered a little glitch where the download button would fix in Battle.net platform but a simple restart fixed the problem and it was smooth sailing from there. Downloading really didn’t take long at all, I just left it downloading and went to my kitchen to eat and it was completed when I got back. Though that might depend on your internet speed and computer.

One thing that makes Overwatch worth it is that Blizzard has announced that new future maps and heroes will be free updates so you’re really getting indefinite free content for the future of Overwatch. This really makes the game worth buying because you get great value for what you pay for. I love that Blizzard decided to make the newer contents free.

What Is Overwatch Gameplay Like?

overwatch play menuOverwatch is a really a fast-paced FPS game and it does have some vibe of a MOBA game because of all the different playable characters with their own special abilities. But the game style and feel is more like Team Fortress 2 where you’re not bashing little minions to get to the enemy’s base. It’s more like capture/defend objectives, or move a payload past different objectives within a certain time frame while the opposing team tries to stop you.

Game Style

For first time players, the game mind seem a bit hectic because there are so many things going on at once and it’s one of those games where you have to keep playing to get a good hang of it. When I first played I was so confused to what was actually going on but luckily I had played Team Fortress 2 before so I was a bit familiar with the game style.

The main important thing about the game is to work with your team as one. You have to balance out the heroes by choosing one of the heroes that the team need the most. There are 21 heroes to choose from and they’re all categorized by different classes like Offense, Defense, Tank, and Support. And there are 6 players to a team so you try to balance the team by having at least 1 of each classes. So you can have in your team 2 offense heroes, 2 defense heroes, 1 tank hero, and 1 support hero.

overwatch character selection

Luckily if your not too sure what the team needs then you can just look at the “Team Tips” on the side that show you what kind of class is missing in your team. If you plan on winning then you have to be a team player! 🙂

Heroes Abilities

Overwatch heroes have all sorts of different unique abilities and the play style for each one is different. There are about 3-4 abilities that each hero has and one of those ability is the ultimate ability which you have to gain by charging up a full percentage. And each ability has a cool down after use so you have to be mindful of that.

overwatch character information screenMost of the heroes abilities require good timing to make it most effective. So you don’t want to willy nilly or spam the abilities.

You can view the abilities of each hero by clicking on the information tab in the hero selection, or you can just push the F1 key on your keyboard to bring it up.

Player Account Level and Loots!

What makes Overwatch different than MOBA games is that you don’t level up the heroes when you play each round/game. You gain all the abilities from the beginning and the only level up you do in the game is your account level.

overwatch loot boxEvery time you level up your account you gain a loot box which has in-game goodies for Overwatch heroes. They’re cosmetics mostly but it’s cool to know that you can get skins through the loot drops. And I bet that Blizzard will add in some newer skins and cosmetic items in the near future.

Check Out Some Gameplay Screenshots

overwatch game menu screen

overwatch gameplay 1

overwatch gameplay 2

overwatch training menu

overwatch gameplay 4

overwatch gameplay 5

overwatch gameplay 6

overwatch gameplay ending

To Conclude

Overall, Overwatch is a great game to play if you’re into team-based first person shooters. I personally loved the graphic work in this game and the gameplay is quite simple and easy to learn.

If you have the money then you should just give it a try.

Let me know what you guys think of Overwatch, and if you enjoy playing or not.

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