How To Start Putting Your PC Parts Together

Alright, lets say you have all of the components or parts of your PC. They’re all piled up on the corner of your room waiting to be put together. And I know that you’re feeling super eager and excited to start right away. But we must not rush right into things, especially, if this is your first time building your own PC.

We need to take the building process one step at a time and take precautions for handling the delicate computer components.

(You can prepare yourself even if you don’t have all of your components or parts. Being visually prepared is always a great thing to do. And it will make your life so much easier when it comes down to actually doing it. I recommend you watch the videos just to get a visual feel.)

Preparing To Begin

First, I believe it’s best to prepare all of the tools and hardware that you will need in order to build your PC. For most people, you’ll have all the tools at home. Most of the tools you need are just couple different size Phillips head (the cross one) or flat head screwdrivers (the straight line one) but sometimes you will need something else.

If you don’t have any tools, that’s okay, you can borrow them from a friend or you can buy a computer tool kit from Amazon. The Rosewill 45 Piece Premium Computer Tool Kit is a great option because it comes with a static wrist band as well as other useful tools for computer building.

Second, you will want to prepare the work space. The work space is going to be the space you will be using to build your computer. I personally recommend somewhere that is not carpeted;  titles or wooden floor is good. Then you will want to find a table or counter where you can walk around. This way you make your building process less difficult as possible. You’ll probably want a chair too because the process might take some time to finish for beginners.

Third, now your ready to begin and get into the good stuff. By this stage you should have all your tools and components ready as well as your work space. And make sure you are static free by touching anything metal or ground yourself using a static wrist band.

Ready To Begin?

To begin building your PC computer, I’ll be referring you to couple of my all time favorite build guide videos from different YouTube Channels. These videos are very helpful and provide great how-to’s for building your PC computer.

I always watch these videos just to refresh my memory before building my computers. Personally, I need guides to help me out too because I’m no expert computer builder, it’s just a hobby that I like to do. When I started out building my first computer, there weren’t videos like these to help me out.

But now with the technology and information in the internet, you’re able to learn almost anything. And these videos are filled with tons of great information and great content that you will be able to learn everything just from watching it.

Honestly, it’s just so easy to do. You just got to watch the videos once or twice then follow it step by step. It’s really a walk in the park. If I can do it, then you can do it as well. I believe in you! 😉

(Important Note: I recommend you watch all of the videos just so you can get as much information from different people as possible. I know they seem similar, but they each actually have different tips and tricks that you can learn which can be beneficial for you as a PC builder.)

How To Build Videos

All of the videos here have tons of great content, and because of that they’re quite long so prepare yourself. 😉

(My all time favorite is CareyHolzman’s guide because he’s quite funny and he’ll mess around just to show that building a PC isn’t as hard as people might think.)

Newegg TV Guide Video
Watch Part 1> Watch Part 1
Watch Part 2> Watch Part 2
Part 1
Part 2
Other Great Guide Videos
Watch LinusTechTips Guide> Watch LinusTechTips Guide
Watch CareyHolzman Guide> Watch CareyHolzman Guide
LinusTechTips Guide
CareyHolzman Guide

You’re Build is Complete!

If you have taken the process step by step and followed through, then you should have a completed PC computer! 🙂

You’re now part of the PC gaming community and you’re ready to dominate some games. If you have any questions about building your PC, you are more than welcome to ask me in the comments below. I’ll be more than happy to help you out.

And if you find this helpful or informative, or like to leave me a suggestion for more information, please leave me a comment below as well!

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