Grab This Gaming PC Build For $800, Best Next Gen Build


Now the title might say “good gaming PC build” but this build is more like “EPIC Gaming PC Build” because you get the best performance all at a right price. With a budget of $800 you can get the most bang out of all of the components. No need to sacrifice one part for another. You can get it all, every part that makes up this epic gaming PC build for all under $800.

If you’re truly starting at this budget range, you deserve a round applause because we (PC gaming community) got ourselves another gamer with an epic gaming build. 😛

How Do You Build Your Own Computer?

Building your first computer might seem challenging and difficult at first but it really isn’t. The process is really simple and easy. And when I say simple and easy, I really mean it. Like anyone can do it if they just watch couple videos and follow it step by step.

You really can’t go wrong if you just follow my computer building guide and watch some of the videos there. Once you watch the videos, you will realize how simple and easy the building process really is.

Find Out How To Build

Who is this “Mid Budget Gaming PC Machine” for?

The elite gamers who want the best performance in games without having to spend on a high budget build. Also if you plan to play games on high settings then this is the build for you. Honestly, this build is for anyone who is interested in PC gaming and anyone who enjoys playing games in good quality.

What This Good Gaming PC Build Has To Offer

This build has a lot of offer. The build is fully loaded with 7th gen Intel i5-7500 quad-core processor, ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1070 Mini 8GB, 8GB of RAM, 1TB of Hard drive, and 500W power supply. The processor will give you amazing speed and processing power. And the graphics card is one of the latest so it’ll give you great rendering of games for best gaming experience. With this build you really get the best of everything.

Plus, with this build you won’t have to worry about upgrades for couple years.

Okay, now that you know what it offers, lets get into the build itself!

The Optimal Parts For $800 Dollar Budget

Updated for Jun 2017
The Build Overview
Case: DeepCool Tesseract SW Ram Memory: Crucial Ballistix Sport 8GB
CPU Processor: Intel Core i5-7500 Power Supply: EVGA 500 W1, 80+
Motherboard: MSI B250M PRO-VD Hard Drive: WD Blue 1TB
Graphic Card: ZOTAC GTX 1070 Mini 8GB CD/DVD Drive: LG Super Multi Drive
Total: $800~850
Note: Component prices fluctuate daily. Check the current pricing here
part case
My Recommendation:
(Great Case For Price)
part cpu
Intel Core i5-7500
Intel Core i5-7500
My Recommendation:
(Great Performance CPU)
part mb
My Recommendation:
(Great Performance and Quality)
part gpu
ZOTAC GTX 1070 Mini 8GB
ZOTAC GTX 1070 Mini 8GB
My Recommendation:
(Super Performance)
part ram
Ballistix Sport LT
Crucial Ballistix Sport LT 8GB
My Recommendation:
(Best Ram For Budget)
part psu
EVGA 500W 80+ PSU
EVGA 500 W1, 80+
My Recommendation:
(Best Cheap PSU)
part hdd
WD Blue 1TB
My Recommendation:
(Cheap & Good)
part odd
LG Super Multi Optical Drives
LG Optical Drives
My Recommendation:
(Just An Optical Drive)
part monitor
Acer G246HL 24-Inch
Acer G246HL 24in LED Monitor
My Recommendation:
(Great Price & Very Slim)
part mice&key
CM Storm Devastator
CM Storm Devastator
My Recommendation:
(It’s A Good Deal)
part os
window os
Windows 10
Operating System:
You’re going to need an OS to operate the computer.
part network
Wired or Wireless
Internet Connection:
I would highly recommend using Ethernet cables

Brief Details


The DeepCool Tesseract SW is a great looking gaming case. The design is simple but effective. You get plenty of HDD or SSD storage space for whenever you decide to add more. There is cable management feature which is a must for most PC builders. And there are more fan mounts for additional fans if needed.

Processor (CPU):

The Intel Core i5-7500 is a powerful processor and it will deliver you great performance for hardcore gaming and daily computing. This CPU is one of the latest 7th gen processor by Intel so you know you are getting the latest and best.

Also lets not forget that it’s a quad-core processor and not a dual-core processor. Quad-core will allow you to multi-task with more ease.

Motherboard (MOBO):

In order for your CPU and GPU to work well, you will need to have a motherboard that will be able to handle the workload. And what better motherboard than the MSI B250M PRO-VD. It’s low priced and supports the new 7th gen processor in this build, and MSI makes great motherboards. All good reasons why B250M PRO-VD is a good choice.

Graphics Card (GPU):

The ZOTAC GTX 1070 Mini 8GB is a nice graphics card that will give you great gaming experience. This card is one of the top-tier graphic cards so it’s able to handle most games in high to ultra settings at 1080p. The potential of this card beats the console systems right out of the water. It’s slightly better than the older GTX 780 TI. Also the design is smaller than a regular size 1070 graphics card so it’ll fit in most cases.

If you’re looking for ultimate performance, you can look into the GTX 1080 cards which will out perform the GTX 1070. But the cost will be much more.

Memory (RAM):

For this build, you have 1 x 8GB of RAM. Personally this is enough for gaming and daily computing needs but you can always invest for another giving you 16GB (2x8GB). With the motherboard in this build, you have the potential to go up to 64GB which is overkill but doable.

Power Supply (PSU):

When it comes to power supply, EVGA is quite reliable. The EVGA 500 W1, 80+ will give you enough wattage to power this bad boy up. You won’t need anything better unless you want to add in another graphics card or another component.

Hard Drive (HDD):

The WD 1TB hard drive is perfect for storing your games and other files. You really don’t need more unless you plan to have a lot of files and programs. Best advice will be to go with 1TB first and get another later on if you require more.

Optical Drive or CD Burner (ODD):

For optical drives, you will just want to get the cheapest and that is what this build has. This will be able to handle your CD burning and operating system installation.

Operating System & Peripherals

Get an operating system that you’re most comfortable and familiar with. I would recommend Windows 7 64bit or Windows 8.1 64bit for most people. You don’t have to go with Windows 10 just because it’s new, most of the times new means bugs in the computer world. So probably wait until Window 10 is bug free and you can upgrade to it.

(Note: I personally don’t recommend any pirated or bootlegged version of Windows. You don’t want to get viruses or your personal information stolen because of planted viruses and bugs. Go the safe route of buying the legit Windows version.)

The peripherals are yours to decide. You can go with any thing that fits your price. Most monitors should be around $100-300 dollars. For keyboard and mice, you can go the combo route or buy them separately. The choice is yours.

Internet Connection:(Wired or Wireless)

I recommend for people who don’t want to spend more money to go with wired Ethernet cable route. This will give you the best performance online while gaming. You won’t have to worry about disconnections or lags (on your part not servers).

IF you want to go wireless route, there is the PCI-E adapter route or USB wireless adapter route. But which ever you choose, when going wireless, you have another option of having a good router for good connections.

My Overall Thoughts

So if you want to experience a great gaming experience with PC games, then you should grab this good gaming PC build for under $800 dollars. You won’t be disappoint with the power and performance this build will offer you.

Let me know in the comments section what you think! And if you have any questions leave them below as well! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Grab This Gaming PC Build For $800, Best Next Gen Build

    1. Hey,

      Well I’m not an expert with recording gameplays but I would recommend a higher budget build for recording at 1080p (60fps). Since recording games is all about having good performance during game while at the same time having good quality video at the end. You don’t want shuttering or FPS drops while in the middle of gaming.

      Three components I would upgrade are:

      CPU: i7 6700k with a good heatsink.
      GPU: GTX 1060, or GTX 1070, or GTX 1080 (GTX 1060 should be okay with the Nvidia recording but I would recommend getting a GTX 1070 or 1080 to be safe).
      HDD: You’ll want to get another hard drive to record the gameplay recording. You don’t want to use the same drive for loading the game and recording it. So one drive (where the game is installed) loads the game, and another drive (where gameplay recordings go) records the game.

      Also since you’ll be recording games, I’m guessing you’ll be editing videos too. So you most definitely want to have 16GB or 32GB of RAM.

      Hope that answers your question.

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