DIY Tips: Simple Cable Management Box to Your Hide Cables

Hiding the cluster of computer cables and cords is probably one of the simplest solutions for cable management. You can basically hide all the cables behind your desk. But how do you hide that hideous power strip (surge protector) along with the pile of clustered cables that ends up on the floor?

A quick solution to this problem is to conceal the power strip and the messy cables inside a closed cable management box. Cable management boxes are just simple boxes where you can stuff and hide all the ugly cables in. It’s really nothing special, however it does make a huge difference in the overall neatness. You can think of it as a simple disguise for your chaotic cables.

How and where can you get yourself a cable management box? Well, there are two ways you can get a cable management box. You can either choose to buy one online or make one yourself.

Should You Buy A Cable Management Box?

bluelounge cablebox setupYou can buy a cable management box online if you don’t feel like making one yourself. There are couple different options available at Amazon with different design and features. They’re really good to have around, especially if you have pets or children. It adds a layer of protection so that the surge protector isn’t accidentally touched.

The only downside to buying a cable management box is the cost. It might be a little too expensive for most people. I mean it’s just a simple plastic box and they go for $20 bucks or more. But these tend do go on sale a lot so if you do want them, I would recommend you buy it when they go on sale. A price range between $10-$15 is a good buy for one of these.

I have a Bluelounge CableBox that I bought when it was on a clearance sale and I can say that it’s pretty durable. I sometimes use it as a footrest since it’s underneath my computer desk and it’s still holding up fine.

The cable boxes that you can buy online tend to look nicer than the ones you can make yourself since they’re made out of plastic. So if you have the extra money laying around then you should invest in a cable management box.

Making a Cable Management Box Yourself

Now if you don’t want to spend money on a cable management box then you can make yourself one for free (depending if you have the materials laying around in your house). I’ve made a cable management box by using the box that came with my graphics card. I chose my graphics card box because it was wide and low. You can use any box you have laying around but ideally a box that looks nice. A shoe box is perfect to use as a cable management box since they tend to be quite sturdy.

The only material you need for this simple project is a box cutter and a box to work with. Anything else is just extra and for decoration proposes. Please do be careful when using the box cutter. If your not old enough to use one then please have one of your parents or guardian help you out.

First, I would like to show you my current cable management box I made. Then after that I’ll show you step by step direction on how to make it yourself using a shoe box. It’s really simple and really takes about five minutes.

My Current Cable Management Box

I had this box for quite some time now so it’s pretty worn out but it still works great to hide the power strip and other cables. When you look at the front of the box, you can see that I’ve added 3 small screws. Theses screws make an excellent holder so that the top part of the box doesn’t open up accidentally. Also they add a little more decoration to the box itself. But overall, it’s just a simple cable management box that anyone can make.

Check out the pictures below and hopefully you can get more creative ideas of your own.

my cable management box 1

my cable management box 2

my cable management box 3

my cable management box 4

How To Make Your Own Cable Management Box

To begin making your own cable management box, you need to find all the materials that you need. I just found myself a shoe box that was laying around and a box cutter to cut the holes. You can prepare other things if you like to make it more sophisticated but just the two things is good enough to start.

cable management box step 1

cable management box step 2

The first step is to determine where you’ll cut the holes for the cords to stick out from. I personally just used the small half circle that was already on the box as my reference. Using a pen or pencil you can mark the part you will cut out. This will make it a lot easier when you’re cutting the hole. You can mark it in whatever shape or design you like as long as you make an opening for the cords to slide in.

cable management box step 3

Now you’re ready to cut the hole. Cut the hole as you have drawn it in the first step.

cable management box step 4

Once you have finished cutting the box, lay the top back down so that you can mark up the bottom part of box. You’re basically repeating the first step and marking up how far you want to cut the hole. For my example, I only marked it up as far as the top lid went. You can cut down farther if you like.

cable management box step 5

cable management box step 6

After cutting the opening, you can either cut off the extra part or bend it in towards the inside of the box. I personally bend it in so that the cables or cords coming out don’t rub and wear out.

cable management box step 7

When you have both sides cut and have openings for the cords to come out from then you’re pretty much finished. You made yourself a simple cable management box that you can use for easier cable management. Below is the finished product of what the cable box will look like.

my cable management box 1

cable management box inside picture

cable management box outside picture


Organizing cables isn’t really a hard thing to do. Anyone can do it as long as you put little effort and time into it. Making a cable management box like this is really effortless and cost almost nothing. And there are many more ways for you cleverly manage your cables. You should never settle for messy cables.

Let me know what you guys think, and if you have any cable management tips feel free to share them in the comments section. 🙂

2 thoughts on “DIY Tips: Simple Cable Management Box to Your Hide Cables

  1. This is some really good information about how to manage all of your computer cables. I never thought about using a shoe box to hold all of them. It does seem like a good idea to have some way of keeping them organized.

    1. Hello Emily,

      Thank you for the kind comment. Yeah you really won’t believe how helpful a simple shoe box can be with managing cables. I have 2 of them in my room and they look way better than just clustered cables. 🙂

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