Guide To Buying The Perfect Computer Mouse

buyers guide for the perfect mouse

What is a perfect computer mouse? Well for one thing, it’s definitely not one of those standard computer mouse you have used before in the computer lab at school or library. A perfect computer mouse should feel comfortable, smooth, and move effortlessly like it’s part of your hand. When you move the mouse, you should feel the direct connection with the cursor on the screen.

How to go about shopping for the perfect mouse?

Shopping for the perfect computer mouse is no easy task. You have to find the mouse that fits nicely with your mouse grip style, and has the right features for your computing needs. Plus, you have to consider things like the mouse’s performance, ergonomic design, and unique details. But you don’t really have to worry about it since I got you covered.

This mouse buying guide will show you what you need to know about buying the perfect tailored mouse for you. And if you have any questions or concerns just drop me a comment below.

So lets get to it!

Decide On A Budget

Setting your budget, or price point should be the first thing you do before shopping for a mouse. When you have a budget decided, you’ll have an easier time choosing your mouse because you can narrow down your options. The budget range that most people will look into for a new mouse will be between $1-$100, and anything over $100 are generally advanced gaming mice for hardcore gamers.

If you can’t decide on a budget then I recommend choosing a mouse within the budget range of $35-$75. There are tons of great mice that deliver in quality and performance at that budget range. You don’t really have to spend more than that unless you’re a gamer who wants competitive edge while gaming.

Since the mouse and keyboard are the most hands-on and often used aspect of your desktop, it’s well worth investing in some good quality mouse.

Different Types of Computer Mice

The mouse has evolved a great deal from the typical [two-button, trackball] device to a [multi-button, laser tracking] device, and it doesn’t just stop there. Now there are different variations of mice that are specifically designed for different types of usage. So you can find the perfect mouse that works best for you whether you need it for work, travel, gaming, etc.

Normal MiceLogitech B100-TAA Optical

If you’re pretty old school and prefer simple things then you can still find
yourself a basic mouse relatively cheap. A basic mouse nowadays is a mouse with three-buttons and scroll wheel. Plus, the mouse will be an optical mouse and not a trackball (trackballs are ancient).

But I don’t recommend normal mouse if you’re planning to play games with it because they won’t work as well as a mouse that is designed for gaming. The accuracy, performance, and comfort will be way different compared to a gaming mouse.

Travel Mice

Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500To accommodate the needs of people who travel a lot for work, or pleasure, the travel mice are way smaller than a regular mouse. They’re specifically designed small so that they can be portable and fit almost anywhere. You can throw them into your backpack, purse, laptop bag, or whatnot.

There’s both wired or wireless versions of travel mice so you can pick whichever one you like the most. I personally hate having to change wireless mouse batteries so I go with wired versions every time.

Some things to know about travel mice is that they’re mostly designed for laptops, or notebooks, hence the word “travel”. It’s possible to use it for desktops but the small size and performance of the mouse is not so practical on a desktop.

Ergonomic MiceSHARKK Vertical Mouse Wired Ergonomic

Now ergonomic mice will probably look unusual, or weird because the design of the mouse is something that we’re not used too. When you look at them, they’ll sort of look like some device from the future. They look that way because they’re specifically designed for your hand and how your hand is naturally suppose function when you grip a mouse.

Using a ergonomic mouse will help minimize the pressure around the carpal tunnel area when you grip a mouse. This way you can reduce the risk of any stress injury to your hand and wrist during long computer session.

Gaming Mice

When something is designed for gaming, you know it’s made for the most optimal performance, and this goes for gaming mice as well. A gaming mouse has great qualities like good ergonomic design, advanced features, and high-performance. You can buy a gaming mouse that best suits the genre of game you play so that you can have the most competitive edge in your games.

Logitech G502 Proteus CoreThere are some advanced gaming mice that offer many customizable features such as programmable buttons, easy DPI/profile changing, and adjustable weight balance of the mouse.

One thing for sure is that when you buy a gaming mouse you’re seriously getting your money’s worth. The build quality of a gaming mouse is the best, and the performance and functionality are amazing as well. A gaming mouse is a must-have for any PC gamers.

Mouse Size and Grip Style

How a mouse feels on your hand will determine if that mouse will be the one for you or not. In order to find a comfortable mouse you have to consider the size of the mouse as well as what kind of grip style you use. The mouse size can be hard to tell when you’re shopping online so it’s always best to double check the dimensions of the mouse.

Knowing your grip style can also help determine the right mouse size for you. Certain mice size and ergonomics are specifically designed towards certain types of grip styles. Once you know what grip style you use then you can easily find the right type of mouse.

Note: It’s possible to use more than one type of grip style, and don’t worry if you use more than one because most mice support different grip styles anyways. *Hand grip images are from Razer’s mouse guide*

Palm Grip

The palm grip style is when you hold the mouse with your whole hand. The whole surface of your hand will be touching and covering the mouse. Most palm grip style mice will have a big arch, or hump for your palm to rest on. It’s probably the most normal way of using the mouse, and should feels the most comfortable for most people. However, this grip can be perhaps the least accurate compared to the other grip styles.

palm grip style razer mouse guide

Claw Grip

With a claw grip, you’re literally gripping the mouse with a claw gesture. The areas that touch and control the mouse are your palm, fingertips, and thumb. Claw grip style mouse are typically longer with a low profile, but with enough arch at the end for your palm to rest on. The claw grip can put more stress on your hands than the palm grip, however you get more control and accuracy with a claw grip.

claw grip style razer mouse guide

Finger Grip

The finger grip will perhaps give you the most precision and accuracy with your mouse. Just like the name of the grip, you’re control the mouse with only your fingertips. Unlike the other two grip styles, the palm doesn’t rest on the mouse so you’re able to move the mouse without any restrictions. This is the style of grip that I personally use myself.

fingertip grip style razer mouse guide

Mice Connectivity (Wired vs. Wireless)

Deciding whether to get a wired or wireless mouse is totally up to you. It’s really a personal preference, and you can go with which ever one you like. However, there are some advantages and disadvantages to consider before you fully decide to buy a mouse that is wired or wireless.

Wired Mice:

The wired mice option will give you the most optimal performance and responsiveness when you are computing. Plus, when it comes to connectivity, a wired mouse is way more reliable than a wireless mouse. You don’t have to worry about signal failure or interference with a wired mouse.

Though, on the side of convenience some might say that the wired mice are not as convenient as wireless mice because of the cable cord, but to be fair, the cable cord seems a lot more convenient than having to change or charge the mouse batteries every so often.

And if you happen to be having trouble with the mouse cord, you can just get yourself a mouse bungee which helps with cable management for the mouse cord. It’s something that almost all pro gamers use.

Wireless Mice:

Similar to the growth of mouse technology, wireless technology has also been booming for the past couple years. And with the wireless technology integrated into the mouse, you can do away with cable cords for better visuals as well as convenience.

For travel, wireless mice can be more portable than wired mice. However, that’s not always the case for some wireless mouse because some wireless mouse have a charging dock that works as a signal receiver too. So carrying around a charging dock with USB cable plus the wireless mouse doesn’t really sound ideal for travel.

Another thing to keep in mind is the cost of the wireless mice. Yes, there are some cheap wireless mice out there, however if you want the best you got to spend some extra money. The really good wireless mice out in the market are quite expensive but they’re really worth every penny you spend.

Optical Mice vs. Laser Mice

The difference between optical and laser is really not that much. The performance are great for both, and they can both be used for any computing needs. Main difference between the two are that the optical mice use LED’s and sensors to track the mouse movement, while the laser mice use laser to track the movement.

Now for the sake of picking the best one out of the two; the laser mice wins because it’s newer technology and it doesn’t have LED lights coming out the bottom when you slightly lift the mouse. Most new mice come with laser technology anyways so why not just go with it.

For gamers, you probably want to go with laser mice also because they can give you greater sensitivity, and faster polling rate. And don’t forget to use a mouse pad.

To Wrap Things Up

There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to picking the perfect mouse. But if you can decide on what you need then you’ll have a easier time purchasing your mouse. Stick to what you need out of your mouse, you don’t have to go overboard on different mouse features. Remember that comfort comes first then the other things.

Let us know about what mouse is your favorite and if you would recommend it to others in the comment section below. Or share with us what features you like the most in a mouse.

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