The Best $400 Dollar Gaming PC Build For Low Budgets

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Have you ever thought that building a custom gaming PC on a low budget seemed a little impossible? Or maybe you thought it was just way too difficult to achieve with a tight budget.

Well, my fellow gamers, I’m here to tell you that it is possible because I’ve come up with this build that is perfect for gamers who are looking to get the best bang for their buck. This $400 dollar gaming PC build will give you a good gaming experience, way better than that of a console game machine.

You honestly don’t have to buy a pre-built computer from a computer company to enjoy PC games. Building your own customized computer is actually quite fun and way easier than you think. And plus, there are way more benefits to building your own computer than buying a pre-built.

If you truly don’t want to build your own PC, then buying a pre-built computer would be best for you. But I highly recommend building your own custom computer if you have the even a small feeling of wanting to build your own PC. The experience of building your PC is quite enjoyable and fun.

If you’re looking to play newer games that require a good amount of GPU and CPU power, then you should check out the next level budget build instead. The $500 dollar build will give you way more power and performance as well as more future upgrade-ability.

How To Build Your Own PC Computer

Building a computer is really not as hard as it seems. All that it requires is watching couple recommended videos and doing the steps one by one. It’s really just like watching a video to learn how to tie a tie. The hard part of building a computer is actually picking the computer components and that is already done for you. This Means you just need to put the components or parts together in the case which just requires simple placement and screws (which come with the components). 😉

Technology is getting simpler and simpler by the day making things easier for the daily consumers, especially, in the computer world. No need for degrees or expertise, all you require is some focus (on the guide videos) and patience (waiting for parts + during building + testings for errors).

It’s truly as easy as it sounds. There really is no need to worry or be scared about the whole process. I wasn’t an expert when I was starting to build my computer during Middle School. I just put the computer parts where they seem to fit just like playing with LEGOs and eventually found out how things worked.

And the best part about learning to build today is that you get so much more information online and you can learn about anything. I personally have setup a computer building guide.
to help you guys out with the process.

Find Out How To Build

Who is this “$400 Dollar Gaming PC build” for?

This build is for those who are working with a tight budget but needs to play games on medium to high settings. The $400 dollar mark is actually the perfect and optimal budget range for new PC gamers who are beginning to venture into the online world of PC gaming. With this build you will be able to experience how good the games are on the PC. You probably won’t go back to console games.

If you have only experienced the game Skyrim on the console, then you’re most definitely missing out on what true visual Skyrim has to offer. With this $400 dollar gaming build, you will be able experience Skyrim on a good to high quality. And honestly, games are way better when you are able to mod them on the PC.

For gamers who are playing games like League of Legends, then you will most likely be able to play on the highest or max settings with this build.

The Best Low Budget Build For $400

Now this build might not look aesthetically great, or anything like that but it sure will give you the best performance for your buck. This mostly ignores aesthetics and focuses more on the performance and power for the budget. The build is of course upgrade-able so you can choose to upgrade different components within the build later on.

Never feel like you are stuck with a particular build, the point of customizing your own computer is the ability to change and upgrade whatever component you have. I’m always customizing my own custom PC build. When you do decide to upgrade though, just make sure you upgrade components that are compatible. If you need help later on, just send me a message or leave a comment below and I’ll help you out.

This $400 dollar build probably won’t require an upgrade for a while or until you feel like it’s not performing as well. But if you take good care of the computer and do monthly maintenance then it will most likely last a good while.

The Best $400 Dollar Gaming Computer Parts List

(If you want to experience great to ultimate gaming experience, you should go with a bigger budget build. The bigger budget builds is basically a different ride experience so if you want the best, you require the best.)

Updated for Jun 2017
The Build Overview
Case: Rosewill Dual Fans Ram Memory: Ballistix Sport 4GB DDR4
CPU Processor: Intel Core i3-7100 Power Supply: EVGA 430W 80+ PSU
Motherboard: MSI B250M PRO-VD Hard Drive: Seagate 250GB HDD
Graphic Card: Gigabyte GTX 1050 Ti 4GB CD/DVD Drive: LG Super Multi Drive
Total: $400~450
Note: Component prices fluctuate daily. Check the current pricing here
part case
Rosewill Dual Fans Case
Rosewill Dual Fans
My Recommendation:
(Best For Cheap Builds)

part cpu
Intel Core i3-7100
Intel Core i3-7100
My Recommendation:
(Great Low Budget CPU)

part mb
My Recommendation:
(Perfect for low budget)

part gpu
Gigabyte GTX 1050 Ti 4GB
Gigabyte GTX 1050 Ti 4GB
My Recommendation:
(Best For Your Buck)
part ram
Crucial Ballistix Sport 8GB
Crucial Ballistix Sport 4GB
My Recommendation:
(Best Ram For Budget)

part psu
My Recommendation:
(Best Cheap PSU IMO)

part hdd
Seagate HDD
Seagate 250GB Hard Drive
My Recommendation:
(Cheap And Good)

part odd
LG Super Multi Optical Drives
LG Super Multi Drive
My Recommendation:
(Just An Optical Drive)

part monitor
Acer G226HQL
Acer G226HQL 23in LED Monitor
My Recommendation:
(Great Price & Very Slim)
part mice&key
CM Storm Devastator
CM Storm Devastator
My Recommendation:
(It’s A Good Deal)
part os
window os
Windows 10
Operating System:
You’re going to need an OS to operate the computer.
part network
Wired or Wireless
Internet Connection:
I would highly recommend using Ethernet cables

Brief Details


There are many different computer cases, and you can choose whichever one that you like. I listed the Rosewill Dual Fans Case because it’s cheap but doesn’t look or feel cheap. The quality is good and you get good amount of space for graphic card upgrades in the near future. And to be honest, it doesn’t really look too bad, it looks better than the pre-built ones.

But if you want a different computer case, then you have quite a few choices. Here are some choices and options for you.

PC Tower Choices

  • Mini Towers
  • Mid Towers

When searching for different tower cases, make sure to check for compatibility. For this build, you will want to find a case that supports micro-ATX. The links are mini to mid tower cases that support micro-ATX motherboards but it doesn’t hurt to check more than once. And one thing to keep in mind is you don’t want to spend more money on a case than the components in your build.

Processor (CPU):

For this budget range, the Intel Core i3-7100 is a great choice because it’s price is relatively low and it provides good processing speed. Also it’s the new 7th gen processor from Intel so you know you’re getting a great quality. And of course, it won’t be better than an i5 or i7 processor, but it sure is great bang for your buck. This will be able to handle the games you throw at it because most games don’t even use more than 2 cores.

If you feel like you want something better, then you can go for the Intel Core i5.

Motherboard (MOBO):

The MSI B250M PRO-VD fits well with the new 7th gen processor. The cost is low and so it’s perfect for a low budget build like this one. You don’t necessarily have to get an expensive motherboard for low budget builds. This MB will be perfect and give you good performance.

Graphic Card (GPU):

The Gigabyte GTX 1050 Ti 4GB is a great card. It’s able to handle most of the games on good to high settings, and some on ultra setting. This card is an mid-upper level card so it’s a beast for beginners. The size of the Gigabyte GTX 1050 Ti is also very small so it’s able to fit in almost every case.

With the GTX 1050 TI you can expect to see most games on high and ultra settings. Here are some games you will be able to play at 1080p and have good experience with.

  • Skyrim
  • Battlefield 4
  • Fallout 4 (this one might be mid or slightly high setting)
  • Overwatch (most definitely since it the game is so well optimized)
  • & More

Note: If you truly want to experience good performance on games and be able to play on high to ultra settings with good frame rates, then you should look into getting a better CPU and GPU to be able to handle that. Or going for a bigger budget build will allow you to experience that as well.

Memory (RAM):

This build has 4GB of memory which is enough for most people, but if you can spend a little more for a 8GB RAM, then you really should. With more memory, you will be able to run programs more smoothly and be able to multi-task more. Also having more RAM memory can also help with games as well. But too much RAM memory isn’t really necessary, unless you’re doing photo & video editing and other task-oriented programs that require the use of more memory.

If you are planning to upgrade more RAM, then I believe that you should get the single stick Crucial Ballistix Sport 8GB. So when you plan or need to get more RAM memory in the future, you can just buy another 8GB to make 16GB of RAM memory.

Power Supply (PSU):

The Evga 430W Power Supply has plenty of wattage to power this build. This should also give you a good amount of power for future upgrades as well. There really isn’t much need to upgrade power supplies unless your newer components use a lot of wattage. Or if you decide to go modular in the future. (which is what I have and it makes cable management way easier.)

Hard Drive (HDD):

I know that 250GB is kind of small for OS + storage but if you can manage the space and downloads you can pull it off. Just don’t download every game all at once, and delete games that you have finished playing. But if you require more than 250GB of HDD then you can spend a bit extra for the Seagate 1TB HDD which should be plenty for gaming.

Optical Drive or CD Burner (ODD):

Optical drives aren’t very important now-a-days. Nobody really uses CD’s too much and USB drives basically took over like CD’s took over the floppy disks back in the days. You will probably only use the optical drive to install the operating system and that’s pretty much it. The optical drive in the list is good since it’s cheaper than most and works pretty well.

Operating System & Peripherals:

Picking your operating system is all up to you. You can decide to use whatever OS you feel more comfortable with, or try the new Windows 10. If you’re having hard time deciding, I would advice that you go with Windows 7 or 8.1. Then maybe once Microsoft fixes most of the bugs in Windows 10, you can upgrade.

(Note: I don’t recommend that you install a pirated or bootlegged version of Windows. This is one of the ways you can ruin your computer or get your information stolen by hackers. You should always just get the legit version and play it safe.)

Peripherals are the same, you can choose whichever you like. You will be needing a keyboard, mice, and monitor. Additionally speakers or headset if you like. You can take a look at the “Peripheral” tab of the the part list chart for my recommended products for this particular build/budget.

Internet Connection: (Wired or Wireless)

For connecting to the network, I personally recommend getting a Ethernet cable over wireless. But if running a wire across the house to the router is impossible, then you can go with wireless. Check the build list for wireless options.

Why I recommend wired over wireless is because being connected by wire(Ethernet) gives you way better internet performance and allows you to be connect 100% all the time without any interference. Of course, unless you are having service provider problems.

But if you decide to go wireless, you should look into a good router for better connection.

My Overall Thoughts

This $400 dollar low budget gaming PC build is a great choice for PC gaming. With this build you will be able to play most games with mid to high graphic settings and some on ultra settings. This is truly the best bang you can get for your money.

I hope you like the build. Let me know if you have any questions down in the comments area below. 🙂

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    1. Hey Sean,

      Yes the i5-6500 would work with this build. The motherboard in this build is a LGA 1151 and the Intel Core i5-6500, 4x 3.20GHz is a 1151 socket processor. So it’ll fit nicely with the build.

      Hope that answers your question. 🙂

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