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Superior Gaming Tech (SGT) is an online source for the best and latest gaming technology for all types of gamers.  We provide our viewers with different computer builds that fit certain budget limits, reviews of latest gaming technologies, and other tips and tricks of building the ultimate gaming machine.

We are dedicated in helping every gamer or anyone who is interested in the following things:

  • Building the Ultimate Gaming Machine (PCs)
  • Building Budget Build Machines (PCs)
  • Learning to build a custom computer
  • Latest Gaming Technologies Reviews
  • Latest Game Reviews
  • DIY Customization For Your Machine (PCs)
  • And More…

We hope that through our website, our viewers (gamers) will be able to stay on top of their games with the latest gaming machines and stay superior. We want you to stay on top! Be the best, Play with the best, Win with the best!

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Our Superior Gaming Tech Team

About ChrisAbout Chris

Hello ladies and gents, and of course, fellow gamers! It’s Chris here and I want to thank you personally for visiting my Superior Gaming Tech website. I created this website in hopes to provide guidance to individuals who are seeking to build their first gaming machines. I wanted to make the whole process of building your own PC computer as smooth as possible cause I know from experience that all of the technology, information, and components can be quite daunting.

Just think of this as building your first pinewood derby car and I’m your guide so that you can build the best and superior car to win the race.

It will be a fun experience and I really hope you enjoy the process of building your own gaming computer. To tell you the truth, I’m actually getting excited myself already because I love helping others whether it’s helping them with computer builds, or guiding them with electronic purchases. Simply put, I just love to talk about computers, games, or anything tech related. I hope you are too!

I really hope that you find the information here at my site useful and helpful.

A  Brief History of Chris as a Gamer and Computer Enthusiast

I must say, I have been a gamer for almost all my life. My interest in computer gaming started with StarCraft which was released around 1998. I must of been like 4 or 5 years old. Of course I didn’t know what the heck I was doing and my cousin was actually the one who got me into the game.

It wasn’t until Middle School that I actually got to own my very first desktop computer. Before this I was either playing console games or some computer games on the family computer. The desktop I got was an HP desktop and it actually handled most of the games I threw at it like Counter-Strike, StarCraft, and World of Warcraft.

But after two years or so, the computer was having problems and I actually kept it clean too. Maybe it was because… you know… around that age…

Anyhow, I was in need of a new computer… A better computer. Lucky for me I had some money saved up and my mom was offering to help me with $400 (because of my awesomeness in school… note to you young fellas good grades really pay off in the end).

Well I had the money to buy a new computer and I could have bought a pre-built desktop from Dell or HP but deep down I really wanted to build my own gaming machine. So with the help of an expert (friend of my sister), I was able to build my very first gaming machine.

This computer costed around $450 and it worked for me until I was a Junior in High School. Granted that I took pretty good care of it. And the best part of it was I didn’t really have to buy every parts for it too, I used some parts of my previous HP desktop. So I spent extra money left on games like Call of Duty.

When my gaming machine failed on me, I actually didn’t decide to build a new one. I opted for a gaming laptop instead so that I could be more mobile with it. The laptop I got was the ASUS G74SX and it was at a really Really REALLY hefty price too. I had to spent most of the money I saved up from part-time work. (note though I still use this laptop, I just replaced some things and kept good maintenance on it).

The laptop was able to handle the basic games I threw at it like Team Fortress and League of Legends. However, it wasn’t able to handle games like BattleField and TotalWar: Shogun 2. That’s when I knew I needed to again build but this time build the ultimate gaming machine that could handle every game I threw at it on ultra to high settings with high fps. And this time, I decided to water cool.

The ultimate build was super expensive and I mean… SUPER, but I’m actually happy now because I don’t have to worry about compatibility issues with games and all my games look amazing. But I changed back to fans because I’m actually lazy now (think that happens as you get older… hahaha). The maintenance on water cooling was just redonkulous… yes I used that word… 😉

Maybe in the near future I’ll switch back to it cause it was really aesthetically pleasing. I’m all about looks too as well as performance.

Well thank you for reading. I know it wasn’t “brief” as the tile but I hope you enjoyed my story.

Oh and here are some things you should keep in mind…

  • PC’s usually need to be replaced every 4-6 years because technology increases super fast and your PC will be outdated.
  • Buying pre-built desktops are okay as long as you are willing to pay more on the “brand name” like Dell, or HP, than performance. Just remember that you are paying more for the brand name than the individual components inside. That’s why they mostly likely get suuuuperrrr slllloooooww after a year or two.
  • Once you build a PC yourself, you can always update and upgrade it as new technology gets available. And you will be able to personalize it the way you want it.
  • When building your PC, the more you pay, the better your computer is going to run those awesome games. But when you get to the budget range of $1500 to $2000+ there will only be a small amount of difference on performance on games. Though, with $2000+ you will be able to multi-monitor it up!
  • Final Note: This is my opinion of course but PC gaming beats console gaming. Hands down. If you aren’t with us already then you are really missing out on what is truly “Gaming”.

Stay tuned and happy gaming!

Founder of Superior Gaming Tech

If you have any questions, concerns, or commits, feel free to leave them below. Or you can use the contact page to connect with me. I will try to do my best to answer and help you out. 🙂

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