5 Reasons Why You Need A Gaming Headset

why you need a gaming headset

You might be one of those PC gamers who are debating whether you should get a gaming headset or not, or if it would be even worth the money. Well, if you’re having a hard time deciding then maybe I’m able to make your decision a little easier. I’ve come up with 5 good reasons on why you need a gaming headset to help make an easier decision.

Some PC gamers don’t really invest enough into their output peripherals and most of the time the headset/speakers are totally neglected. They tend to forget that the output devices (headsets, speakers, monitors) are as important as input devices (mice, keyboard, etc) in PC gaming.

I personally believe that PC gaming isn’t just about moving the mouse and using the keyboard, nor is it just the visual output of the monitor. You have to focus on the auditory part of the game too. And what best way to help you do that than a gaming headset.

You have to remember that most PC games in the genres of FPS, MOBA, RTS, and etc are all about reaction time. The visual and auditory senses are what helps you with those reaction times and if you have the right gaming equipment to help with those two senses then you have a greater advantage to those who don’t.

1: Headsets VS. Speakers

headset vs speaker for gaming
Headsets are the winner for PC gaming

Speakers can work just fine when you’re gaming but they won’t help you improve your gaming performance because the sound isn’t delivered to your ears the same as a headset. With speakers, you’re not only hearing the sound from your game but also sound from other noises that interfere. Headsets on the other hand you’re able to hear more details more clearly allowing you to focus more on the game sounds.

I’m not saying speakers are bad, I’m just saying headsets rule over speakers when it comes to gaming performance. I personally have a gaming headset for games and a 5.1 speaker setup for other things like music and movies. But I do tend to use my headset more than my speakers since the sound quality is good enough.

Now if you were someone who had to choose between the two then I personally would get a gaming headset because with a headset you can play games as well as do other things that require a speaker. Gaming headsets have pretty good quality sounds so your music and movies should sound good without any problems.

One main thing that headsets provide that speakers don’t is the accuracy of the sound and where it comes from. One good example is footstep noise which is very important in games like CS:GO and Overwatch. When playing these types of games, being able to hear the enemy’s footstep is one of the best advantages you get because you get an general idea of their location.

2: Sound Quality

DIZA100-Gaming-HeadsetThe sound quality of gaming headsets are quite good. I mean, yeah sure, they don’t compare to the quality of couple hundred dollar Shures earphones or headphones. But the gaming headset still do a great job of giving you a clear detailed sound of the game your playing.

In games like CS:GO, you’re able to hear more clearly detailed sounds that give you a better advantage over the enemy. Like I said earlier, footstep is one of examples where you can notice when and where the enemy is coming from. Other examples is the sound of counter-terrorist team diffusing, terrorist team planting, enemy reloading, enemy zooming in and out with a sniper, the type of gun the enemy is using, and more. All of these things are heard more clearly on a headset and they can give you a better advantage as a gamer.

Cost really depends on brand, sound quality, and technology

Just like any other gaming peripherals, the cost of superior products will cost a lot more. So if you’re looking for the superior gaming sound quality then the headsets that provide that will cost a lot more. But honestly, the sound quality are all different with every headset and brands. I have a Corsair brand gaming headset and in my opinion the sound quality is really good. Plus, the build quality of the headset is really solid since I’ve had it for couple years.

To me, the cost of a good gaming headset is really worth the money. Yes, some headsets seem quite expensive and others are ridiculously priced, but you don’t have to go out of your way and spend excessive amount of money on a expensive gaming headset.

A headset that cost $60 or below should give you a good enough sound quality to help you improve your gaming performance. Any gaming headset above $70 dollars is really for those gaming enthusiast who are looking for the best of the best. I personally would recommend a budget range of $30 to $50 for a gaming headset.

Now I’m not really an audiophile so take my advice with a grain of salt, but I believe headset sound quality will be good enough for most people.

3: Team Communication

A gaming headset has a mic so you can communicate with your gaming buddies or teammates while in game. This is really important and most gamers don’t seem to realize this. If you want to win and improve your gaming performance then you have to communicate with your team. Since we as human beings can’t use telepathic communication, we should use our verbal sense to communicate with our fellow gamers.

Team communication through mics is probably the best advantage you can gain as a team. You can let your fellow teammates know where the enemies are located and what to watch out for. A simple thing like that can help you win the game as a team.

I personally notice that people didn’t have mics while playing the game Overwatch which is a team-based FPS. In CS:GO majority of the players have mics and use them so I was really used to mic communication. But in Overwatch, majority of the players don’t have mics which could be quite frustrating.

overwatch team communication with mics
The whole team needs headsets

That is why gaming headsets are the way to go since you’re really getting 2-in-1 as in sound and mic. I’ve always purchased a headset instead of mic and speaker since I was a teenage PC gamer. Headsets are just more clean and easier to use since the mic is a part of the headset. Head movement is easier and you get less cluster on your desk.

4: Limits Disturbance and Distractions

Using a headset actually benefits everyone, including you and your family or roommate. What I mean by this is that headsets give you more privacy and using them really doesn’t bother anyone else around you.

When you’re playing games, the sound of game through speakers can bother other family members in the household, especially at night when they’re trying to sleep. But with a headset you can game all you want without bothering anyone.

On the plus side, majority of the gaming headsets block out some background noise so you can play your game distraction free. So really it’s a win-win for everyone; you don’t disturb them, they don’t disturb you.

5: Improves Overall Gaming Performance

Gaming headset will help improve your overall gaming performance. They help with you’re auditory and verbal senses which can help with you’re reaction time in game. You have to look at it in this perspective, when you hear the enemy approaching, or a teammate warns you of an enemy before you can actually see them yourself you can react a lot faster since you can mentally prepare for the encounter.

When you’re able to use these tools to your own advantage and add in a little game sense then you’re able to become a better gamer who can rekt almost any player. 😉

To Conclude

I hope that gives you a general idea of why I personally use a gaming headset myself to play games. And if you’re looking to improve your gaming performance as a gamer then you should consider getting a gaming headset of your own.

Let me know what you guys think, and if you have a gaming headset of your own. Thanks and happy gaming! 🙂

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